Take The Stress Out Of Auto Repair Shop

auto repair shop

that because I was doing maybe like two or three cars you know and you know it was slow and then I still had a job when I was buying and selling cars so I you know I was like I can’t hook on my trailer and then take it to work and then go get the car I would normally just toilet but it got to a point where also paying $ for a tow one way it like nowadays it’s like dollars for hookup fee and then it’s like bucks a mile and.

I would drive all the way from like alien Empire to here which is like miles I mean that’s a shit ton of money so you got to be so for me it was not worth it because I was doing five cars a ahman at bucks at Oh that’s $, my trailer cost me you know , bucks so I paid for it so especially when.

I was doing a way higher quantity than that I was doing shit ton of cars and I was but I was towing him back to my house so I wouldn’t recommend you buying a trailer until you do that many cars in the beginning just home it’ll be cheaper and you could absorb that price into the profit of the car but there’s gonna be a point if you’re doing this professionally you’re doing this a lot you’re going to want to buy a trailer.

Okay okay Michael Dominguez asked what’s the hardest struggle about running a business the hardest struggle about running a business dealing with the ing government the government does not like entrepreneurs the government hates people I want to put people to work no that’s it you know that’s my hardest thing with my business that’s why I don’t have a bulletin to be honest with you guys because the government so yeah.

The government it’s the hardest thing the government isn’t like I’m the preneur like I said and it may they make it really hard for us to expand and make money I have friends in personal screen that will say I can’t open up that business I can’t make that much money because that’s grand they’re going to tax the shit out of me so I don’t want to make that much money in what ing world do you hear a businessman say I don’t want to make that much money can you believe that it’s ing retarded like people like me people like my friends.

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